PublicDefender Project Funds Make A Difference! #PublicDefender

Well, it's not exactly like we are getting our clients fitted into custom suits BUT we are definitely keeping them out of Yellow dress shirts that USED to be White and we are helping keep clothes closets organized and stocked with all that is necessary to help a client look sharp and presentable.  An unnamed recipient of our funds sent us this nice pic of their upgraded closet. This makes me happy :)


Our First Reimbursement For Clothes!

So, I posted it on the Twitter account already but I was very excited to be able to use some of our funds to reimburse one of our Felony attorneys for a trial a few weeks back.  The case happened to be one I worked on and I was happy we could finally put some of the money to good use!  I was able to split some of our profit with the Alternate Public Defender's Office as well and they sent me some nice photos what they did to "Church Up" the clothes closet in their office that I'll be posting up again soon.

Yup...We Are Big Time Now!!! 



Thanks to EVERYONE who donated their hard earned money and bought our shirts to help supply our clients with clothing for trial.

Even though I wasn't able to take us up to my goal of 50 shirts sold, I still think we did fantastically. The total from our donations combined with the proceeds from shirt sales raised us a total of $481.17! This will go a long way towards hooking our clothes closet up with some fresh threads to help our clients put their best foot forward.

For those of you that ordered the Gideon shirts, my understanding is they will be shipped out by June 14, 2016 (Hopefully sooner) and I think I'll be receiving the funds sometime after that. I'll be updating the PublicDefenderProject.Com website with photographs of what we are able buy with the funds along with copies of reciepts just so everyone knows where the money went.

We will also be posting up more Public Defender (Mugs, Office goodies and of course more shirts) related Items for sale which will ship out as soon as you order them, after I figure out what companies can give us the most bang for our buck so keep an eye out on the website!

Thank you all so very much.

-Ricardo Murillo

Amazing First Week

First, the positive:

The Public Defender Project website was a lot easier to host than expected and we are off to a great start on our fundraising and selling of the Gideon T-Shirts.  

There was a bit of a clusterf*ck in that we had some issues with website (Booster.Com) handling our shirts and fundraising when we found out that our special Gideon design was too complicated and we were forced to use a more expensive printing process that unfortunately cut into our initial fundraising.  

Sucks but lesson learned.

Here are the numbers so far:

We won't be making any profits off of the shirts until we sell 25 but thankfully people have been pitching in with donations so we are aren't doing too poorly for our first week.  I'm hoping things kick up a notch in the next two weeks.  

Someone asked why we were cutting into our profit with having people pay for shirts.  I think the answer is that although it does cut into our potential profit, we have a design that people are going to hopefully be wearing around which will potentially generate some interest in our cause.